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The Common Causes of Pink Vaginal Discharge

The Common Causes of Pink Vaginal Discharge

Pink Vaginal Discharge gets its color from the presence of a small amount of blood.

Pink Vaginal DischargeIn many cases, this discharge is considered normal and can indicate that a woman is about to start her period or that she is ovulating. A small amount of pink vaginal dischargecan also be a sign that a woman is pregnant. Large amounts of pink discharge are common after a woman has given birth and can continue for…

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Excellent Design Ideas to Make a Retro Living Room

Excellent Design Ideas to Make a Retro Living Room

Creating a Retro Living Room takes color, funky pieces and old school imagery. Retro Living Room

Urban Barn Furniture and Accessories Retro Pop Living Room eclectic living space design

Retro refers to styles from the past, however, many consider retro decorating to encompass designs and influences from the 1950s to the 1970s. For those who prefer a more modern or classic look, this style is not a good option.…

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Complete Info about the Common Causes of Excess Vaginal Discharge

Complete Info about the Common Causes of Excess Vaginal Discharge

Excess vaginal discharge is most commonly caused by the hormonal spike that accompanies ovulation, and is also a regular part of pregnancy, particularly in the early stages.

Excess Vaginal DischargeWomen who have a progesterone imbalance or who are taking birth control pills with high doses of this particular hormone may also see more discharge than they’re used to. Yeast infectionscould also be to blame, particularly…

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